Non Members

Non Members

Joining Us

If you have already decided that tennis is the sport for you and you would like to join us, then you will find a very warm welcome at Storrington Tennis Club. The club is open to all members of the community and there are no restrictions on joining us, nor is there a waiting list. If you are interested, please contact the Membership Secretary (via the Contact Us pages of the website). He can arrange for a member of the committee to show you around the club facilities and can also advise on membership fees, which are levied on a pro rata basis from 1st April.


The club also offers a variety of opportunities for non-members to come and enjoy the sport of tennis:

Open Days

We run several open days each year. These are advertised locally and on this website. During open days you can view the club facilities and get on court for some practice. You may also be able to enjoy some free coaching and, if you feel up to it, take part in a competition!

Open Competitions

The club hosts several open competitions during the year, which are open to both members and non-members alike. We publish details on the website homepage as and when open competitions are run.

Cardio Tennis

Adult non-members are welcome to attend our cardio tennis sessions, which are run 2 times a week. Session times can be found in the Senior Tennis section of the website under Playing Times. These are fun fitness sessions under the supervision of one of our club coaches, where you also learn to perfect your tennis technique.  You may attend any number of cardio tennis sessions without needing to join the club.

Pay and Play

Both adult and junior non members can attend the club on a pay and play basis up to 6 times a year, without needing to join the club. Details of the respective sessions that you may attend are given in the Senior Tennis and the Junior Tennis sections of the website under Playing Times. If you wish to attend more than 6 sessions in any year, then we ask that you apply to join the club.


Club members must ensure that their guests sign the visitor's book in the clubhouse and pay the visitor's fee. The fee is £5 for a senior visitor and £3 for a junior. Please place the fee in an envelope (these are available next to the visitor’s book) and post in the clubhouse letterbox. A visitor may play up to 3 times in any one year.

Matthews Tennis Coaching

Nigel Matthews is our club tennis coach. He and his team of coaches are very experienced in dealing with novices and can help you become proficient in a very short number of sessions. Non members are very welcome and may attend up to 6 coaching sessions without needing to join the club. In any case, after 6 sessions with Nigel we suspect that you will have caught the bug and would want to join anyway. To contact Nigel, please go to the Contact Us section of this website.